Use Webinars to Add Value to Existing Presentations

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Numerous moderators, when running webinars is recommended to them, react by saying It is highly unlikely we could do our training courses by webinar, in light of the fact that the individuals truly must be in the room.


In all actuality: They are presumably right!

Some eye to eye collaborations cannot be supplanted by webinars (For instance, it is hard for a webinar to re-make the experience of a powerful keynote introduction). In any case, that is no motivation to forsake webinars inside and out.

Some webinars do supplant existing introductions, yet many do not. They can advance, support, supplement, supplement, and increase the value of your current introductions. Here are three models…

  1. Pre-occasion support

In the event that you offer e-learning any concentrated workshops, consider whether it merits running a fundamental webinar to enable your members to plan for the workshop. This implies they go up to the workshop with all their readiness done, prepared to utilize the time you have together eye to eye.

In the event that the members do not have any acquaintance with one another, this is additionally an excellent method of breaking the ice and building some affinity among them (and you!) before they meet at the workshop.

  1. Post-occasion support

You can likewise utilize a webinar to offer help after an occasion – for instance, doing a Q&A meeting some time after a training program, to respond to inquiries from members who are executing your thoughts. This increases the value of the program, and gives to a greater degree a bundle to the members (and your customer, if this is an in-house program).

Timetable this webinar at a fitting time after the occasion. Give them sufficient opportunity to incorporate the workshop thoughts, however do not leave it so late that they stall out and lose inspiration. Regularly, it would be 4 two months after the occasion.

  1. Genius gathering

For much increasingly implanted learning, consider offering to encourage a plan gathering from among the participants at a vis-à-vis introduction. This works best, obviously, when you’re managing a little gathering. You do not need to be the master; basically be the facilitator who gives the webinar innovation.

Despite the fact that I’ve portrayed this as a method of supporting an occasion, you could run it similarly well as an independent driving force bunch with your own business associates. Webinar innovation implies they no longer should be in a similar room, city or nation!

How might YOU utilize this?

Think about your present introductions – regardless of whether they are keynotes, training programs, instructing, assistance or something different. How might you utilize a webinar to increase the value of what you convey?

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